Mum’s the Word

May 8, 2011 (Day 41) — Mum’s the Word

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful and lovely ladies out there! You’ve put up with more shit than anyone I know. Good on you.

My poor mom put up with my shit for 18 years. Eighteen years. More so, actually when you consider that she still puts up with me.

Now my wife puts up with me AND my awesome stepson who’s starting to take after me. That poor, poor woman.

I mean, take a look at us...

So, while tonight’s cocktail is dedicated to all you moms out there who actually take care of your kids, it’s specially dedicated to the two most amazing women I’ve ever known — my mom and my wife.

There’s two versions of this drink — one for those who like bourbon (my mom).

And one for those who aren’t particularly fond of whiskey (my wife).

Mum’s the Word

  • 2 oz Wild Turkey American Whiskey or Boru Vodka
  • 2 dashes peach bitters
  • Spumante Champagne

Combine the ingredients in a martini glass, stir gently and then serve with the swizzle stick as garnish.

Nice and bubbly, but still has that necessary strength on the end that makes moms awesome.


ā€” Mark

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