A Honey of a Time

May 2, 2011 — Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Christian Brother’s Honey, Wild Turkey American Honey Faceoff


It’s the first thing that comes to mind when we think of honey liqueurs. Last month, two new competitors in the honey category entered the ring: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and Christian Brother’s Honey Liqueur.

I pitted the two newcomers against a tried and true veteran of the honey market — Wild Turkey American Honey.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey


Given time to breathe in a rocks glass neat, you get a strong scent of honey with the standard Jack whiskey nose on the end. Reminds me of a whiskey toddy with some honey it.


Very sweet. The first taste is strong on honey, with the JD whiskey in the middle. What’s interesting though, is that it finishes on the end with more honey. More honey liqueur than honey whiskey — which is what I had been expecting originally. Nice bit of kick though, so you know that you’re drinking an actual spirit rather than some wimpy liqueur.


Stronger honey flavor when you lose the heat. However, the whiskey the flavor is also more pronounced, with them more distinct. Delicioso!

Christian Brother’s Honey


Much lighter on the nose than the Jack Daniels. Much brighter without the whiskey, with some floral hints in there.


Stronger honey flavor, but also a kind of citrus flavor on the front. Goes down smooth without much bite.


Much smoother than neat. Still has that interesting citrus after taste, almost like orange juice. Would make a good mixer, but probably not something to be drank by itself.

Wild Turkey American Honey


Strong honey scent with only a hint of whiskey on the back end.


Strong honey flavor, more similar to the Jack Daniels than the Christian Brothers. Not as harsh on the end as the JD.


Some story on the rocks as tasted neat. You get the distinct honey flavor, but it’s not nearly as powerful on the end as the JD.


While the new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is very good, the bold flavor of the whiskey on the end could turn off some casual drinkers. The Christian Brothers is decent, but seems almost too light to really have any sort of impact on a cocktail.

Truthfully, I’m declaring the American Honey the victor — with it’s mix of price and smooth but strong flavor, it holds up strong.


— Mark


  1. Yay! Thanks for this. I’m a huge fan of the Wild Turkey American Honey so it’s nice to know how it compares to the others… I made hot toddies with it all winter and then lemonades with it through the Spring. Now I need another bottle!

  2. vivian soul says:

    It is great way to spice up your hot apple cider for the holidays. It was a great hit.


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