Whiskey Toddy

April 21, 2011 (Day 24) — Whiskey Toddy

There’s a pretty brutal head cold going around our house this week. Naturally, since it’s holy week, we aren’t exactly thrilled about this. Easter tends to be Jenn’s favorite holiday, so we’re spending a good chunk of our time and energy trying to bounce back and feel good in time to see family and friends. Plus, Jenn gets to wear her new dresses, which as you married guys know, is oftentimes better than Christmas.

While on the phone with a literary agent a few weeks ago, we got to talking about good cocktails for when you’re sick. While not much of a drinker herself, she told me her father used to put a hat above the bed and start drinking toddies. As soon as there were two hats, he knew it was time to go to bed. He sounds like my sort of guy.

Whiskey Toddy

2 oz Jim Beam Bourbon

.75 oz lime syrup

1 slice lemon

1 clove

4 oz hotwater

Combine all the ingredients except the hot water in a pre-warmed, heat-resistant glass. Top with the hot water, stir and serve.

The clove and the bourbon go well together, with a nice citrus bite from the lime cordial. Does a great of clearing the head, and if not clearing the head, then at least making you forget about your head cold.


— Mark

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