April 14, 2011 (Day 18) — Yale

So tonight we’re not in New York. We’re still staying in New England however.  Tonight, we’re going to Yale.

Some facts from yale.edu:

Undergraduate students* 5,242
Graduate and professional students* 6,318
International students* 1,910
Faculty* 3,695
Staff* 9,267
International scholars* 1,970
Living alumni 167,350
Library holdings 12.7 million volumes
Varsity athletic teams 35
Total number of buildings 439
Endowment $16.1 billion
Operating budget* $2.49 billion

Not only that, Yale Ice Hockey was actually #1 in the nation for a pretty good chunk of time this season.

Meanwhile, the Yale cocktail got its name from its deep blue hue with a hint of orange.


  • 1.5 oz gin
  • .5 oz dry vermouth
  • 1 tsp blue curaçao
  • 1 dash bitters

Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Stir well and strain into a chilled martini glass. Serve with a lemon twist.

The taste is similar to a classic Martini, but with a bit more orange on the end of the taste. It lightens the sometimes harsh Martini, but keeps most of its strength.


— Mark


  1. Fun fact: the (purportedly) original recipe for the martini included orange bitters.

  2. i want to yale in h future…

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