April 5, 2011 (Day 9) — Haven

Haven is defined by dictionary.com as “a harbor or port” or “any place of shelter and safety; refuge; asylum.”

Too often people do try to find themselves a haven in the bottle. As much as we enjoy our cocktails here at Cocktails, 365, we don’t advocate drinking too much — we also encourage you to seek help if you feel you may have a dependence. That being said, there are some great cocktails out there to help you decompress after a long day in the office (or out in the field, or in the factor, what have you).

Here’s something a little bit interesting, but hella tasty.


  • 1 oz Boru Vodka
  • 1 tbsp grenadine
  • 1 oz Pernod
  • Club soda

Take a rocks glass with ice, add grenadine, then pour Pernod and vodka, top with club soda. Serve.

Great mix of flavors. The herbal flavor of the Pernod is tempered by the grenadine. Mix with the vodka and the club soda and it creates a summery drink with a bit of winter flavor.


— Mark

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