Happy (Belated) Birthday to Bacardi!

February 5, 2011

Holy crap. It’s my first real post since the 365 project ended. Hopefully people will keep reading!

You mean you're not numbering them now?!

One advantage of this post, I don’t have to number and keep track of where I’m at. After several days of resting up, I think you guys deserve a Friday shot of Cocktails, 365!

Anyway, I meant to post yesterday in time for Bacardi’s 149 birthday (which was February 4, 2011). But, as usual, real life got in the way and by the time I had a chance to sit down and actually do some cocktailing I was so worn out that I ended up falling asleep. Because I’m old.

A photo from my recent vacation.

So, to make up for the belated birthday wishes, I decided to make up for it with a new cocktail (not featured in the previous 365 of course) using Bacardi rum.

A little pink ditty that can at least make you THINK that you’re on a sunshine filled beach and not shoveling your ass out from three feet of snow (or six if you’re my brothers living in New England).

Or Chicago. Stolen from Ramon Henderson's Facebook page.

Summit Pink

1.5 oz Bacardi Superior (white) rum

1.5 oz Bacardi Gold

2 oz Peachtree schnapps

1/4 cup of ice

Dash of grenadine

Sparkling white wine to top

Pour the ice into a blender (I know, I’m breaking my own rule about using a blender on drinks), and top with the liquids (except the champagne of course). Blend 30 seconds or until the ice is finely crushed and the whole mixture looks frothy. Pour into a margarita glass and then top with the champagne.

Sweet, but also powerful, so you can forgive the sweetness of the drink. Very froofy, but nice to pretend its a hot summer day somewhere where you’re not.



  1. Sarah Fernandez says:

    Love it… always fun

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