Kentucky Peach Tree

January 16, 2011 (Day 351) — Kentucky Peach Tree

This Sunday evening I spent going over lines for the upcoming show I’m in, and plunking out some mediocre tunes on my bass. It was a good weekend. A relaxing weekend. I really couldn’t think of anything better than to wrap up the weekend in a nice little bow with a nice strong bourbon drink, good music and great family.

This is a simple and tasty southern treat that may seem a bit at odds with the prevailing cold winds whipping about the country, but don’t worry. It has a nice warming effect that will, if nothing else, take you back to country roads where you belong. Oh wait, that’s a John Denver song. Sorry. At any rate, it’s tasty and it’s a perfect Sunday evening drink.

Kentucky Peach Tree

3 oz Peachtree schnapps

2 oz bourbon

1 oz orange juice

Combine the ingredients in a rocks glass filled with ice and stir well.

Very tasty, and could easily be sipped whilst watching the horse races this upcoming Kentucky Derby. In fact, I may hold on to this recipe just for that purpose. It has a very sweet taste, as would be expected from the bourbon and peachtree, however the citrus bite from the orange juice is just enough to stop it going over the deep end.

And it’s pretty great to lay down some funky bass licks while sipping.


— Mark

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