Snowstorm Coffee

January 4, 2010 (Day 339) — Snowstorm Coffee

Just in time for the weather to start warming up around southwest Kansas, I decided to make a warmer for the evening to get me perked up for an evening of complex character development set in Victorian England.


Not only that, we all need a jolt of caffeine after a full day of work followed up with a full evening of work. For Christmas my broseph Luke got Jenn and I a bottle of Nocello, a not-often-found walnut-based Italian liquor. Last night I made my first drink with it (the Nutty Italian), but I was struggling to find something else to use it in. It’s recommended that you drink it either straight or on the rocks.

So, it was up to us to create something that used this interesting liqueur. And by create something, I mean make a drink and substitute the Nocello in place of the Frangelico (hazelnut).

Also known as the "Douchebag Approach"

Snowstorm Coffee

1.5 oz dark rum

.5 oz Irish Cream

.5 oz Nocello

Hot, dark coffee

Pour the the coffee, rum and Nocello in the cup. Float the Irish Cream so you have a cool seperation. Serve with a spoon and have your drinker gently stir it before drinking.

Very good.


— Mark


  1. Love the thought of winter warming up…The orange guido…not so much….
    Great post..

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