Absinthe Suissesse

December 21, 2010 (Day 325) — Absinthe Suissesse Okay, we’re heading down south once again. Say you’re hosting a Christmas brunch. Sure, you have your standard cocktail fare such as the Mimosa and the Bellini. But what if someone wants something really special? Something that they’re probably not going to get going to Aunt Gertrude’s […]

ORIGINAL — Basil Gin Mickey

December 20, 2010 (Day 324) — Basil Gin Mickey So, I’ve been hard at work in the laboratory lately infusing various different flavors to see if I could come up with something unique, but tasty. On a whim, I shoved a lemon, lime and some basil into about two cups of New Amsterdam Straight Gin. […]

Sparkling Rum Runner

December 19, 2010 (Day 323) — Sparkling Rum Runner Let’s say, for sake of argument that you’re spending your holiday season down in Cozumel or somewhere else equally warm. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the festivities celebrated by those of us in the northern hemisphere freezing our asses off.  The Sparkling Rum Runner […]

Tanqueray Almond

December 18, 2010 (Day 322) — Tanqueray Almond How about some quick hits before you gather your family and friends together? Forgive the brief comments, just like many of you, we’re down to the wire getting all of our Christmas stuff out the door before it sneaks up on us. Tanqueray Almond 1 oz Tanqueray […]

Bourbon Furnace

December 17, 2010 (Day 321) — Bourbon Furnace It’s Friday. You want to go out for the evening, but there’s a cold wind blowing. Snow is dusting the ground, and icy breaths are whirling in the air. You need something to warm the cockles of your heart before you brave the cold. Something to gird […]

White Christmas

December 16, 2010 (Day 320) — White Christmas “Three french hens.” — 12 Days of Christmas Although, I have to admit, this drink seems to be a bit more fitting of the classic Christmas song, “White Christmas.” We had a request from one of our Twitter followers to create an eggnog martini. My main problem […]

Cranberry Champagne

December 15, 2010 (Day 319) — Cranberry Champagne “On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…” It’s the week before Christmas, and we’re counting down the 12 days until Christmas. If you’re anything like me (and if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you probably are), then you need some extra shall […]

Brown Derby

December 13, 2010 (Day 318) — Brown Derby You have to admit that Esquire is a pretty damn classy magazine. Last year they put together a list of the top 27 winter cocktails. A lot of them are some pretty solid classic cocktails from back the day (can anyone say, Manhattan?) However, there was one […]

Dog Sled

December 13, 2010 (Day 317) — Dog Sled Holy windy winter, Batman! It’s finally starting to feel like winter around southwest Kansas. Let’s get the dogs saddled up and break out the dog sled! Dog Sled 2 oz  Canadian Whisky 1.5 oz. orange juice 1 tsp. grenadine 1 tbsp. lemon juice Fill a cocktail shaker […]


December 12, 2010 (Day 316) — Mudslide How in the world have we got this far into the year of drinks and NOT made a Mudslide? I mean, it’s one of the most ubiquitous drinks for those who are too timid to drink real cocktails. Hmm… maybe that’s why. Whenever I think of Mudslides, I think of […]