New Year’s Promise

December 31, 2010 (Day 335) — New Year’s Promise

Tonight is New Year’s Eve! Pull your loved one close and sip on this powerful, sweet and nicely balanced cocktail to welcome in 2011 (and the last month and couple days of Cocktails, 365 as well)!

New Year’s Promise

2 oz Limoncello

1/4 oz orange liqueur

Sparkling wine (or champagne)

Take a chilled martini glass and pour your Limoncello and orange liqueur. Top with champagne. Don’t stir, as the bubbles will mix the drink while you’re sipping on it.

Good, but only if you like Lemoncello. If not, you’re out of luck on this cocktail. It’s a very good drink, but like most that I make it can be powerful, so make sure you’re tempering how you drink. Happy New Year’s Eve!


— Mark

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