Desperate Martini

December 28, 2010 (Day 332) — Desperate Martini

Sometimes, amidst all the rich food and heavy drink that comes hand in hand with gatherings over the holiday season, you need something a little bit simpler to cut through the thickness. Something bright and tasty, but not too summer-like. That’s where the Desperate Martini comes in to play, an easy-to-make but festive drink that fits in perfectly well with the overindulgence of the season.

Desperate Martini

3 oz gin

1 oz blackberry brandy

1 oz dry vermouth

Combine your ingredients in a Boston shaker, stir well and then strain into a chilled martini glass.

Not too shabby really. The gin gives it its usual kick on the end, but is tempered with the sweetness of the blackberry brandy. It certainly looks festive, and gives you a break from all those heavy, cream-based cocktails.


— Mark

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