ORIGINAL — Boxing Day

December 23, 2010 (Day 327) — Boxing Day

I love Canadians. Their shows. Their accents. The fact that they allow gay marriage. They’re just all around my kind of people.

Okay, so I've only REALLY seen Corner Gas, but still...

The way they say “Eh” is pretty great too, eh? Their whiskey isn’t half bad either. Now, I know I risk distancing myself rom the many other whisky purists out there who simply call Canadian Whisky a watered down, sweeter version of bourbon. But hear me out: you’re wrong. Now, I know they say you can’t be wrong about an opinion. Well, that’s just simply not true. You most certainly can.

Canadian whisky has it’s merits in my book. If you need something pleasantly heavy and sweet, but bourbon won’t fill that need, that’s where Canadian Whisky steps in.

I also have a good number of Canadian readers.

Mainly thanks to the loverly Dee Brun!

So, we’re using it in tonight’s drink

Boxing Day

2 oz Canadian whisky

Juice from one clementine

3 mint leaves

Sparkling wine

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Pour your whisky and clementine juice over the ice. Tear up the three leaves and mix into the drink. Top with the sparkling wine and gently mix. Serve.

Oh MAN, that is good. Like, really really pleasant. I happened to have some really fresh clementines on hand to squeeze the juice out. The juice’s mixture with the sweetness of the Canadian whisky is excellent. My not muddling the mint, it slowly seeps into the drink as you’re sipping on it, lending it just the very slightest of mint flavors on the end. Subtle, but awesome.


— Mark


  1. FABULOUS eh….Thank you..and I love your blog..and love that I am your Canadian Crush…

    Happy Holidays…


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