White Christmas

December 16, 2010 (Day 320) — White Christmas

“Three french hens.” — 12 Days of Christmas

Although, I have to admit, this drink seems to be a bit more fitting of the classic Christmas song, “White Christmas.”

You best not backsass Bing...

We had a request from one of our Twitter followers to create an eggnog martini. My main problem I was struggling with was finding something that was actually tasty enough to warrant writing about. I think I may have stumbled across/created one that I think would kind of fall into that category. However, because I’m using homemade eggnog, you already have some booze in the base ingredient. In other words, you have to find something that will mix mell anyhow. Bourbon is a pretty solid liquor to mix with rum, so here’s the recipe.

White Christmas

4 oz eggnog (find the recipe here)

2 oz bourbon

1 oz white creme de cacao

Mix all your ingredients in a brandy snifter with a scoop of ice cream (to make it extra creamy).

Not too bad, really. The chocolate liqueur gives a nice sweetness to the drink (not that it really needed to be much sweeter), but the bourbon gives a nice bit on the end. Imagine it almost like a super-powerful eggnog. After all, you’ve already gone a good chunk of rum in there. Now you’ve got an extra boost of bourbon on the end. Dig it.


— Mark

Just don't tell Bing if you don't like it...


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