Tequila and Tea

December 7, 2010 (Day 311) — Tequila and Tea

Need something a little bit warm, but just a little bit tropical to chase your snowy winter blues away? How about mixing up some Repasado tequila and some sweet tea vodka? Sounds pretty damn good to me, actually.

Tequila and Tea

2 oz tequila (Repasado)

2 oz sweet tea vodka (we tend to use Firefly)

Fill a rocks glass with crushed ice and pour your liquor into the glass. Stir well and serve up.

The sweet, agave flavor of the tequila is still there, but it’s tempered by that lovely sweet tea flavor from the Firefly. It’s an uncomplicated flavor, which works in its favor. Sweet, but with a bite. As always, be careful with drinks like these. They really are nothing but liquor, so they have the tendency to sneak up on you faster.


— Mark


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