Josh’s Thanks

November 24, 2010 (Day 298) — Josh’s Thanks

Ahhh, the evening before Thanksgiving! We’re busy scurrying around making pie for our respective Thanksgiving gatherings. For others of you, you’re making sure the turkey is properly made, stuffing stuffed and other delightful foodstuffs prepared for the gathering of kind and kin tomorrow.

I had a great conversation with my buddy Josh Davis today, talking about how things are going on our respective lives. He happened to mention that Thanksgiving was his favorite of all the holidays.

But, why?

“Food, great drinks, family, and football. A great day to be a man!”

As you may recall, Josh has been featured in this site several times of the past year. He’s a good man. So, after Crispin Cider sent me some samples of their newest offers (including a mulled cider), I knew that I had to create something in honor of the man who loves a time of being thankful so much.

But first, let’s get a little taste test of the Fox Barrel Mulled Cider!

Sweet, but not unpleasantly so. This is really tasty. While I was expecting to not really ENJOY the non-carbonated version, it really is good. The apple cider taste is right on top, with a very pleasant, warming molasses aftertaste.

Josh’s Thanks

1 oz cognac

Dash of orgeat syrup

Fox Barrel Mulled Cider to top

Fill an Irish Coffee mug with the cognac and orgeat syrup then top with the mulled cider. Place in the microwave long enough to warm the drink up, but not to boil it. You’ll get a harsh burn on the end if you end up boiling it. Trust me on this.

This is delicious, and a great warmer upper for a chilly fall evening (down to 13 tonight). Also, the spices and flavors mix together for a nice compliment to the smell of pumpkin pies drifting through our kitchen right now.

So, of course the question begs to be asked: Who’s Josh rooting for?

“Def the Jets. And the Saints.”


— Mark

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