Hot Mint Chocolate

November 21, 2010 (Day 295) — Hot Mint Chocolate

Oh sure, you may tell me that it’s still fall. the calendar may still say it is. And the fact that there are still some brown leaves hanging out on the trees would seem to follow. But the freezing fog that has swept in over the past couple of days seems to tell me that it’s really winter. Add the Christmas lights that have already begun to pop around my neighborhood it makes sense to warm everyone up with some hot chocolate.

Not that kind of hot chocolate…

Hot Mint Chocolate

1 cup hot chocolate

1 oz mint syrup

2.5 oz Irish Cream

Very smooth and heavy. The coolness of the mint with the great chocolate flavors is great. Everyone was very fond of it. For a non-alcoholic, just take out the Irish Cream. Still good!


— Mark


  1. mmmmm this looks delish 🙂

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