John’s Gremlin

November 19, 2010 (Day 293) — John’s Gremlin

It’s Friday everyone! That means you’re long workweek, making the world a better place for friends, family and strangers is wrapping up. Or, if you’re some of my friends with non-standard schedules, you’re just getting ready to start your work week and kick copious amounts of ass! (Or arse.)

You’ll need something your strengthen loins for a relaxing weekend. Something tasty, but will give you a nice little giddyup into the weekend! And no, I’m not talking about Four Loko, although I could be.

Here’s the thing though — my drink won’t make your heart explode in your chest!

That’s because it doesn’t have as MUCH caffeine. It’s just got a nice kick that will but a boot up your pantaloons!

John’s Gremlin

2 oz Jameson Irish whiskey

.5 oz lime cordial

Mountain Dew to top

Fill a rocks glass with ice, then pour in your Irish whisky, cordial and stir. Top with Mountain Dew. Drink.

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Similar to a traditional Gremlin, but you’re using the bite of the Irish whiskey versus the sweetness of the Canadian whiskey. The Mountain Dew adds a nice little bit of odd flavor on the end of it, giving it a bit of a jolt. I’m actually really liking this. But why, you may ask, did I use Mountain Dew? Because it was the only pop in my fridge at the time. Ees gooooood.


— Mark

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