Almond Mocha

November 17, 2010 (Day 291) — Almond Mocha

It snowed today. Yeah. That’s right snowed. Now granted, nothing really stuck to the ground. But still. Snow. So, while my wife was giving me crap for making a wintery drink, my justification was simple: it snowed today. I’ll make a winter drink if I feel like it. And baby, I feels like it.

So while my wife has some “Phantom of the Opera” pouring out from the bar room, I’ll brew up a fresh pot of strong, black coffee and get cracking on cocktails. For starters, I made my wife a standard Irish coffee, as sometimes it’s better to play to your strengths. Then, I set about trying to find something similar but a little bit different coffee-based warmer.

I’m fond of amaretto. Let’s make something with amaretto.

Almond Mocha

1.5 oz amaretto

.5 oz chocolate syrup

4 oz strong, hot coffee

Whipped cream

In a pre-warmed Irish coffee glass, pour your amaretto and chocolate syrup. Stir these two ingredients together well. Top with your coffee, then gently stir again. Top with the whipped cream and serve!

Nice and warming, if not a little weak in the liquor department. I tend to prefer that my drinks have a bit more bite to them, but this is a great drink for those who aren’t in the mood for a super strong tipple or are simply tip-toeing into cocktails.

Stay warm out there.


— Mark

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