360 Lemon Cola

November 14, 2010 (Day 288) — 360 Lemon Cola

Remember a couple weeks (months?) ago, Jenn and I sat down and reviewed the entire line of 360 Vodka flavored vodkas? Well, at the time I had said I was going to make drinks with each and every one of those. The problem is, a lot of them really actually really pretty awful. Now, not to knock 360, because their vanilla and chocolate varieties were pretty solid.

But then there were the others. The Lemon Pledge-tasting Sorrento Lemon vodka for example. I had a hard time imagining how that could be used. So, I turned to the 360 Vodka Website for ideas on how to present the drink. They only offered up one suggestion for the Sorrento Lemon vodka. Hmmm… I figured I’d try it out, on a smaller scale since I’m trying to use up the small bottles filling up the freezer.

360 Lemon Cola

1.5 oz Sorrento Lemon vodka

.5 oz sweet and sour mix

Cola to top

Fill a highball glass with ice and then pour your ingredients in. Stir well and then serve.

Ugh. This taste like a lemon-flavored cough drop. Still. Again, I admire 360 for the efforts they’ve made to create something new and interesting, but sometimes whatever it is doesn’t land on impact.

Jenn was nice enough to record this video for posterity.


— Mark

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