Classic Shandy

November 6, 2010 (Day 280) — Classic Shandy

Hmmmmm… beer.

Beer and ginger ale.

Beer and ginger ale = Classic Shandy.

Classic Shandy

1/2 pint glass wheat beer

1/2 pint ginger ale

Put some ice in a pint glass, fill halfway with the beer, then fill the rest of the way with ginger ale.


— Mark


  1. Honestly didn’t know that a ‘classic’ Shandy had Ginger Ale in it! I LOOOOVVVEE Ginger Ale and wheat beer. Gonna have to try this! Does the beer need to be a filtered wheat, or will un-filtered be as ‘classic’?
    bottoms up!!!

  2. pneum0nic says:

    My favorite Shandy is made with Lemonade instead of ginger ale. I think the lemon balances out the hoppiness better than the ginger ale. It’s probably better with a really good ginger ale, though. Maybe even ginger beer!

    As for the proprtions, half the fun is working out the proportions!

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