Mamie Taylor

November 2, 2010 (Day 276) — Mamie Taylor

I’m slowly starting to discover that there really are some great scotch-based cocktails out there. Now, I will fully admit they are few and far between, as scotch is (as I’ve mentioned countless times before) a drink best savored in and of itself.

So, I figured I’d poke around the Interwebs to find something a bit interesting. I came across the Mamie Taylor.

15 July 1900, Mixer and Server, pg. 7, col. 2:
(Philadelphia Special New York World.)
A New York man has introduced a new drink to Philadelphia; at least, he says it’s new.  It is concocted of cracked ice, Scotch whisky, the juice of a lime and a bottle of ginger ale.

The New Yorker invited Edward Green, of Texas, son of Hetty Green, to sample it, remarking as the statesman from Texas tasted it: “That’s the newest drink out.”

“Probably it is in New York,” said Green, “but they have been using it in Texas for 30 years.  We used to call it ‘The Scotch Lassie.’ What do you call it.” “A ‘Mamie Taylor’,” said the New Yorker.

Found this reference quote here.

Supposedly this drink is named after Mamie Taylor, the opera diva from New York city.

Mamie Taylor

3 oz Scotch

1 tablespoon lime juice

ginger ale or ginger beer

Squeeze the lime into a tall glass filled with ice, and then add the whisky; finally, add ginger ale to taste.

Interesting. This is pretty similar to a Highball (obviously), but the lime adds just a nice little bit of tang to the end of it. Much like scotch, not for everyone, but still pretty tasty. Proof that a solid blended scotch can make a good base for a cocktail!


— Mark


  1. Good one! You might also try a Dundee or a Robert Burns, 2 of my other favorite Scotch cocktails.

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