October 29, 2010 (Day 272) — Plasma

Only two more nights until Halloween, my pretties!


That means two more night of Halloween drinks preparing you for my favorite holiday all year! I’ve made some progress on early food prep for our Halloween party tomorrow night so it’s time to turn my creative juices towards some cocktails! The majority of Halloween cocktails seem to be super sweet, which I’m guessing stems from the whole “eat shitloads of candy” concept. However, I’d like to create something a bit stronger and a bit more…. edgy.

Have you ever worked in a lab? Or had your blood taken? Then you’re familiar with plasma, the yellowish substance that your bloodcells like to hang out in. Kind of like the cool kids in the quarry in high school.

So after thinking of something that would be tasty, but the get the blood pumping I came up with


1.5 oz mezcal

2.5 oz Fireball cinnamon whiskey


Coat the bottom of a classic absinthe with grenadine. Place four ice cubes in the glass. Pour your mezcal over the ice. Pour your whiskey. Be gentle while pouring, because you’ll want to have a nice separation of layers. If you’ve done it right, you’ll have a beautiful, if not creepy, little cocktail on your hands.

That offers up a swift kick in the teeth. That powerful smokiness of the mezcal is supercharged with the spiciness 0f the cinnamon whiskey. The grenadine then tempers both liqueurs with a bit of sweetness. Not for everyone, I can tell you that right now!


— Mark

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