Bottle Cap

October 15, 2010 (Day 258) — Bottle Cap

So, I’m heading down the theater again tonight (this time to watch the show with my parents), so it will be a short update this evening.

I’ve been eager to play round with root beer schnapps for quite a while now. I’m a fan of root beer, so I was curious to see how it would translate into the liquor world. I got my hands on  a little sample bottle so I wouldn’t have to drop the money for a full bottle of the stuff just in case I hated it. By itself, it’s pretty decent. Tastes quite a bit like artificial root beer flavoring with booze in it, which I suppose is the point.

I was curious to try it in a drink however. So, I did a bit of research and came across the Bottle Cap recipe.

C’mon, you remember Bottle Caps!

However, upon reading the ingredients I should have known better. Alas, I’m tired so I my mind wasn’t thinking at full capacity.

Bottle Cap

2.5 oz root beer schnapps

2.5 oz Midori

2.5 oz sweet and sour mix

Combine all your ingredients in a chilled rocks glass filled with ice. Stir well and serve.

Well, the good news: It tastes like a Bottle Cap (at least how I remember them tasting).

The bad news: That’s not so great in liquid form. Syrupy sweet and just too sickeningly saccharine for my tastes. Good job to whoever created it, as it does what it says it will (tastes like a Bottle Cap candy), but man alive that’s just too sweet for me.


— Mark

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