Johnny Tsunami (Feat. 111 Ultra Lounge)

September 29, 2010 (Day 242) — Johnny Tsunami

Still in Salina, for now, so that means we’re taking another trip downtown to find a local spot to meet some good people, relax a little bit and learn about some unique local flavors.

Even in a college town, a Wednesday is a lonely night downtown.

My quest was to find something a little more low key that last night’s venture to Big Nose Kate’s, which was pretty freaking great. The 111 Ultra Lounge seemed to fit the bill quite well. A little unassuming bar, tucked away on the northern part of Salina’s main downtown drag and only a few blocks away from my excursion last evening, 111 is another one of the local favorites.

I happened to wander in on Trivia Night. The majority of people frequenting the bar this evening appeared to be traveling business people, with a smattering of college students thrown in for variety. Since I’m kind of straddling the line between both of those, I suppose I couldn’t have chosen a more fitting place for my final evening in Salina.

Pretty simple decor, nothing too audacious, just seems like a standard college bar. My friend Brenna, who originally hails from Salina, said a lot of the locals who are away at college tend to hang out there over holidays.

My featured drink this evening is a bit of a “signature” drink for the bar. My bartender told me it was even featured in Kansas! magazine once upon a time. Considering how chilly it was out tonight, it seemed a bit odd to request a tropical drink, but I’m here to sample what the locals drink!

Johnny Tsunami

1.5 oz Island Punch Pucker

1.5 oz citrus vodka

Sprite to top

Tastes dead-on like a Sonic Ocean Water. Want to know what it tastes like? Go to Sonic, buy an Ocean Water. Boom. You’ve got a Johnny Tsunami.


— Mark

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