Burgundy and White

September 20, 2010 (Day 233) — Burgundy and White

Something amazing happens tonight. After 150 long days, the NHL is finally stirring from it’s summer slumber. Preseason starts tomorrow night, which means that my Colorado Avalanche are having their Burgundy and White scrimmage tonight! Words cannot describe how excitable hockey season makes me.

I racked my brain. How could I come up with something powerful, yet smooth over ice? Eventually I figured, why not take my cue from the classics? They are classic after all, Joe Sakic was beast as a Nordique AND as an Avalanche.

Much like the Martinez led the way to the Marini, I figured I’d come up with something that could my boys on the ice justice. So, in honor of their annual scrimmage, I have created…

Burgundy and White

2 oz gin

2 oz sweet vermouth (rosso)

.5 oz maraschino liqueur

Pour your ingredients into a goblet filled with ice, then stir.

As I mentioned earlier, this is based off the classic Martinez. It’s a solid balance of sweet without being treacly, plus that lovely earthiness you get from the maraschino liqueur.

Love it.



— Mark

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