Frostbit Kentuckian

September 11, 2010 (Day 224) — Frostbit Kentuckian

I struggled to find some way to create an effective and meaningful way to talk about the nine years since September 11… But I can’t. I’m a purveyor of dick and fart jokes.

My thoughts and prayers with all those who have known a loss that I never will.

We’ll make it short. Have a drink for those lost.

Frostbit Kentuckian

2 oz bourbon

1.5 oz sloe gin

Juice from 1/2 a lemon

Tonic water

Combine your bourbon, sloe gin and lemon juice in a Collins glass filled with ice. Top with tonic.

This sweet and sour, with just a dash of deliciousness. I like it. I approve. But why “Frostbit Kentuckian”? Easy. Bourbon. Kentucky. It’s purple. It’s frost bitten.


— Mark

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