Vanilla Pear Spritzer

August 30, 2010 (Day 212) — Vanilla Pear Spritzer

Last night we mentioned the Fox Barrel Black Currant Cider. We mixed it with some Pimm’s and Tanqueray to make a refreshing, fruity-without-being-fruity drink. Tonight, we try something a little more earthy. Using the Pear Cider, which is pretty outstanding in and of itself. Don’t believe me. Read Ryan‘s foul-mouthed, perfectly written review of the stuff!

Back? Great! Now to create something with that lovely cider that made a pear hater turn coat. He went gay for pears, as it were. Wrong terminology? Sorry.

(Just for the record, don’t Google “gay pears.” Trust us on this one. You’ll thank us later.)

We’ve got some fresh basil growing on our front porch and some simple syrup I cooked up the other night. Plus, some homemade vanilla vodka because I’m a badass like that. So, I figured we’d create some mad scientist shit. And by mad scientist, I mean completely within the realm of regular mixology.

Vanilla Pear Spritzer

6 basil leaves

1/8 oz simple syrup

2 oz vanilla vodka

Fox Barrel Pear Cider to top

Place your basil leaves in a highball glass, then pour in your simple syrup and muddle the leaves. Rub the leaves along the side to spread the flavor around the glass. Fill the glass with ice then top with the vanilla vodka and almost to the top with the cider. Stir gently, then top again.

This has a great, fascinating mix of flavors. It’s hard to tell there’s vanilla and pear in there, but they combine to create an earthy, fall drink that’s perfect for a back porch.


— Mark


  1. I’ll take “foul-mouthed” as long as I also get to be “perfectly written”. I don’t have any more Fox Barrel cider to work with but this cocktail looks really nice.

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