Peach Fizz

August 28, 2010 (Day 210) — Peach Fizz

Last night, Jenn and I sat down and did a taste test of the full line of 360 Vodka flavors. There were some that were great, and some that were… not so much. However, as a service to you guys, we figured we’d sit down and make cocktails with the various flavors to give you an idea how to use them! On top of that, it will help us get rid of our tiny sample bottles which are taking up room in the fridge.

Jenn and I recently discovered that one of the smaller trees in our backyard was a peach tree. Not only that, it was producing some damn tasty peaches. Well, one of the vodkas we liked last night was the Georgia Peach, so I figured it would be good to capitalize on that!

So, tonight we bring you the Peach Fizz!

Peach Fizz

1/2 of a fresh peach, sliced in half

.5 oz peach vodka

.5 oz orange liqueur (Grand Monarch)

1 oz regular vodka

Tonic water to top

Place your peach slices into a chilled rocks glass.

Pour in your peach vodka and orange liqueur. Muddle the peach slices until they’re almost like a puree. If they’re ripe, this will be very easy. You want to make sure you’ve got a nice muddle going on. Fill your glasses with ice, then pour in your vanilla and regular vodka.

Top with tonic water and stir.

A perfect end-of-summer drink. There’s a very pronounced peach flavor there, but you have the brightness of the of tonic and the strong sweetness of the peach vodka and liqueur tempered by the regular vodka. One of Jenn’s favorites. Definitely a seasonal favorite, however.


— Mark

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