Screaming Orgasm

August 21, 2010 (Day 204) — Screaming Orgasm

Need something, sweet, tasty and powerful? How about a Screaming Orgasm?

Screaming Orgasm

• 2 oz vodka

• 1 oz Bailey’s

• .5 oz Kahlua

This is a solid classic “get drunk” cocktail. The taste is pretty decent, sweet enough for your most girly drink loving of friends. It’s certainly not a manly drink Go ahead and ask Jimmy the Bartender to give you a screaming orgasm. See what he has to tell you. However, if you’re playing host to a girl’s night in (or a girls night out and you’re the bartender), this is a good introductory cocktail.

It’s also one of the few times I can write here that I’ve given my wife a Screaming Orgasm without her getting pissed at me.


— Mark

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