ORIGINAL — Golden Springs

August 15, 2010 (Day 198) — Golden Springs

After the humid, windy days western Kansas finally got a bit of a break today. Cloudy, rainy and temperatures that never topped 75 degrees; it was a little taste of fall in the Dog Days of Summer.

In honor of that, I thought I’d take a break from the summery drinks to bring you a little preview of fall!

This is altered from a cocktail recipe I found called the Golden Miller. However, the original recipe was so syrupy sweet that I really couldn’t drink it. It was in desperate need of improvement. Now, I’m usually willing to take cocktails as they are originally prescribed, then adjust for taste. However, this was so unbalanced that I couldn’t abide by it. By the time I finished up, it was essentially a completely different drink. So, I renamed it and called it good.

Golden Springs

.5 oz amaretto

.5 oz creme de cacao

1 oz triple sec

3 oz orange juice

Tonic water to top.

In a highball glass filled to the top with ice, pour your liqueurs and orange juice. Stir thoroughly until mixed together well. This step is key, because the liqueurs are going to want to separate from each other. If they do, you’ve hen you’ve got a wonky cocktail with different layers of flavor. Once mixed, top with tonic water almost to the top. Stir gently to get mixed in. Top off with tonic again. Add a straw if you’d like.

Ahhh, much better. It’s not like drinking cola syrup before carbonation is added. I know what this tastes like. I worked at a movie theater in high school.

Horrible, horrible memories.

It’s gross.

But, with the carbonation the drink becomes much lighter, while keeping the dark, fall-like tastes of the liqueurs intact. There’s an chocolate covered almond flavor from the amaretto and creme de cacao, and the triple sec adds a bit of sweetness to the OJ. A very refreshing drink for a cool day.


— Mark

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