Vanilla Sunset

August 11, 2010 (Day 194) — Vanilla Sunset

As much as I may bitch and moan about thew miserable Dodge City summers (especially this year), but there are some things that I never really get tired of. Those are the sunsets. They’re beautiful displays of fire in the sky, clouds lighting ablaze, turning into hues of deep blue and purple. As much as I’m a city boy, I know that were I to ever move to Kansas City or Chicago, I’d miss these sunsets. Their the types of sunsets that can stir your soul.

I’ve yet to find a drink that can evoke those same feelings. I thought I’d try my hand at the spectacle, if not the emotions.

I like the summer cabaret, too.

Vanilla Sunset

2 oz vanilla vodka

Dash of grenadine

Orange juice

Build your drink in a highball glass filled to the top with ice. Top with orange juice, then stir well to ensure everything is mixed properly.

Imagine a sweeter Screwdriver. That’s about what the Vanilla Sunset tastes like. You can taste the vanilla and grenadine, and they do mix well with the orange juice. But, in the end it’s nothing outstanding. A sweeter Screwdriver. A good bet if you like Screwdrivers, but want it a little bit smoother.


— Mark

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