August 5, 2010 (Day 187) — Polanka

This evening my family made our annual trek to South Dodge to take in the PRCA rodeo. I’ve never really been much of a rodeo fan, to tell you the truth. But, I do appreciate that my hometown plays host to one of the nation’s largest pro rodeos. I love to go and people watch. It was especially fortuitous (thank you Word-a-Day calendar) that this is the first time in years I haven’t been working for the newspaper. That means — I didn’t have to shoot photos. I didn’t have to interview cowboys. All I had to do was sit around with my wife, stepson and parents and take in the sight. And a couple funnel cakes. That’s more than necessary.

I refused to take my DSLR, so it's on my camera phone. Sorry.

So, since it’s still Dodge City Days, and I’m trying to keep with a very loose definition of “theme,” plus I’m on a champagne kick after last night’s Casino Royle, I tired my best to combine all those facets. Plus, Jenn thumbed through my Mr. Boston “Summer Cocktails” and marked all the champagne-based drinks. She’s a fan of champagne. Shocker.

Tonight we settled on an altered version of the Mr. Boston recipe of…


4 fresh mint

1 oz elderflower liqueur

.5 oz fresh squeezed lime juice

1 oz Bison Grass Vodka


In a mixing glass, muddle the mint leaves with your elderflower liqueur. Add the lime juice and Bison Grass Vodka, fill the shaker with ice, shake until well chilled (look for the telltale frost) and the double-strain into a champagne flute. Top with champagne.

This is very good. I don’t think I ever really did an adequate job of describing the Bison Grass Vodka. And, unfortunately, tonight isn’t the night (I’m pushing midnight already for a daily post). But, the unique burn and grassy flavor of the vodka, mixed with the sweet mint, sweet champagne and bite of the lime is pretty well balanced. To me though, it’s the elderflower liqueur that really solidifies this as a quality drink. I played around with the quantities a little bit before I settled on the ones listed above. I boosted the elderflower liqueur and cut down a bit on the spicy Bison Grass.

Hey, look! Bison!

This created a more well-rounded drink. Jenn loved it, which is always a solid indicator of a “general population,” appeal. While not something I would probably put in my regular rotation, it’s an excellent champagne cocktail to break the monotony.


— Mark

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