METAPOST — Crispin Cider Announces New Cider

A few weeks ago, I was pleased to review Crispin Cider’s line of hard ciders. I was pretty psyched to find this in my e-mail this morning:

“Introducing Crispin Lansdowne: Extra stout bodied cider with Irish stout yeast & organic molasses.”

My interest was piqued. No. 1, I really enjoyed the Crispin Cider I had before. No. 2, stouts are my favorite style of beer. I eagerly read on.

“The Crispin Cider Company (Crispin) tackles hard cider level with another new game-breaking cider, Crispin Lansdowne, a truly unique cider that uses apple-wine fermented with a classic Irish stout ale yeast and smoothed with organic molasses.

‘Lansdowne is our homage to the sport of rugby, and in particular Irish rugby, whose legendary home the Lansdowne Road stadium was lost to us in 2007. It is a cider that reflects the values of rugby; uncompromising in attitude, large in character, built with teamwork and exhilarating to participate in.’ said Crispin CEO Joe Heron.”

How cool are these people? I’m a huge rugby fan (right after ice hockey). And the team I root for? Ireland. I’m starting to wonder if Crispin didn’t hack into my computer to create this new flavor.

“The first joint creation by the new hard scrummaging Crispin cider-making team of Head Cider Maker, Bruce Nissen and Ryan Aikens, Lansdowne kicks the cider house rules straight in to touch. Naturally fermented using a premium blend of fresh pressed apple juice, not from concentrate, and fermented with Irish stout ale yeast, Lansdowne is a rich brown color, with an ABV of 6.9% it shows a slight hint of butterscotch, balanced by a subtle fruitiness and a slightly dry crisp finish with a uniquely full and buttery mouth feel.

Lansdowne never strays off-sides and is uncorrupted by added malt, spirit or grape alcohols, and is free of colorants, sorbate and benzoate preservatives. A small batch, hand-crafted, super-premium hard apple cider, Lansdowne is smoothed with pure organic molasses, and a kiss of organic honey, for a sustained buttery mouth-feel and a surprising fresh friskiness on the palate. Lansdowne is vinted to a 6.9 percent ABV for an extra stout body, yet remains exceptionally easy to drink from the first crisp sip to the last drop.

“We set out to redefine cider, to stretch the boundaries again, and to fulfill our ambition of continuing to bring new, interesting, completely different ciders to market, but remaining true to our ethos of not sacrificing drinkability for overbearing complexity,” says Bruce Nissen, Crispin COO and Head Cider-maker. “The addition of Ryan Aikens’ gifts to our cider-making arsenal also added a refreshing fizz and vibrancy to our natural invention and sense of adventure”.

Pretty lofty language, I’ll admit. But, then again it’s a press release. That’s what you do. If Crispin’s previous creations are any indication, however, I don’t think we’ll have much to worry about. My hopes are high. Don’t worry, as soon as we can get our hands on it, we’ll be reviewing it here!


— Mark

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