Irish Mexican

August 1, 2010 (Day 183) — Irish Mexican

It’s Sunday! Time to relax with a filling and fattening brunch, take a nap and don’t get anything constructive accomplished! With this little coffee-based cocktail I whipped up this morning, you can have your booze and drink it too. It’s sweet, with enough of a kick to get your through the rest of the afternoon.

Irish Mexican

3 oz strong, cool coffee (this is a great time to use your leftover coffee from the morning)

1 oz Kahlua

1 oz creme de cacao

2 oz Irish cream

Fill a large Irish coffee mug with ice, then build your drink. Stir well to mix and sip.

If you made your coffee strong enough, this has a nice, pleasant bite from the black coffee that is significantly mellowed by the cavalcade of liqueurs you’ve added. It’s a great brunch, after breakfast drink, because it’s cool and refreshing, while being sweet and having a bit of a caffeine kick.

But, why call it the Irish Mexican? Simple! Kahlua is Mexican. Bailey’s in Irish. Simple!


— Mark

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