Caribbean Breeze

July 29, 2010 (Day 180) — Caribbean Breeze

I’m on a summer kick. Let’s keep it rolling! Happy Thursday, everyone. Here’s hoping your week isn’t too shabby. Just think! Tomorrow’s Friday!

So, let’s pretend we’re on a tropical beach somewhere. Or, if you are on a tropical beach, this will just make you feel that much more at home.

Midwest palm trees

Annnnnyyywhooooodllllle. I’ll make it a brief one since it’s been kind of a rushed day and I just got back from a two day work road trip. Order up!

Coconut Breeze

2 oz coconut rum

2 oz cranberry juice

1 oz ruby red grapefruit juice

Combine in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Serve.

Very refreshing, very fruity and one hell of a summer drink. It’s really good.


— Mark

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