French Riviera

July 16, 2010 (Day 167) — French Riviera

Word to those in the know: When it tops 100-degree weather, asphalt parking lots get soft. Heavy motorcycles don’t stand up too well. They can — and will — fall over. And while the bike may start up just fine, it’s entirely possible that the battery can be cracked and you don’t notice it. And once all that happens, don’t be surprised if you’re motorcycle dies halfway to your home. And then you have to push it the rest of the way home in 103 degree heat and 50% humidity. With your stepson routinely squirting you with his water bottle to keep you from going into heat stroke.

So, I need something cool. I need something crisp, and I need something that’s going to do the trick after sweating a good two pounds off pushing a 400 pound motorcycle home.

(I suppose, as my friend Lee told me “It’s not true love until you’ve pushed your ride home.” Well, then this is true love).

I’ve been sitting on The Driftwood Room’s French Mojito — which is a complete ball of amazingness that will most DEFINITELY be reviewed here once I have some white rum — for the past several months, and haven’t really been able to make it. The problem: first, I didn’t have any St. Germain, then once I had some St. Germain  I didn’t have any white rum. But, I did have some Malibu coconut rum.

To which Jenn, in her usual subtle fashion, said “Who gives a crap? Just use the goddamn coconut rum!”

Touché, my love. Touché. You’re well reasoned, thoughtfully spoken words have motivated me!

So, we decided to call it the French Riviera — tropical, but with a distinct French twist.

Ew. Not like that.

Ugh. Try to erase that image. Because this is really a tasty drink.

The French Riviera

2 oz Malibu Coconut Rum

1 1/4 oz St Germain

1/4 of a lime cut into 3 pieces

6 medium sized (about 2″ in length) mint leaves.

Place all ingredients in mixing tin with ice and muddle until slushy. Pour into a chilled Collins glass. Top with ice, then top with 2 oz soda water. Stir gently.

So… how does it taste? Holy. Mother. Of. God. This is completely amazingly awesomely freaking delicious. I mean… wow. I’m going to say now, you DEFINITELY want to use club soda on this. Otherwise it’s going to be way, way too sweet. But, oh man is it good. The coconut really doesn’t detract from anything, and combines with the lime and St. Germain amazingly well. Truth be told, I am floored by how good this is.

Ah, but what does Jenn think? Let’s just ask her.

Jenn: “Seriously, I fucking love this. This is my new favorite drink.”

So yeah. It’s approved.


— Mark

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