Restless Tourist

July 7, 2010 (Day 158) — Restless Tourist

We’re hitting up the Mr. Boston book again! This time, like last, Jenn requested a tropical drink to bolster a warm day spent grilling and working outside. Only this time, she requested something that she might actually like.

Tonight’s drink is a play off Mr. Boston’s Restless Native, which uses coconut rum.

However, using what we had on hand, I made something quite tasty, using different ingredients. And, since it wasn’t quite the same, obviously we’re tourists. Hence…

Restless Tourist

2 oz coconut vodka

.75 oz lime cordial

.5 oz creme de cacao

Combine your ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake thoroughly, then strain that beasty into a fanciful touristy cup filled with ice.

Clean crisp, but almost ungodly sweet for my personal tastes. The flavors balance well, but to me it’s too much like drinking a melted Popsicle. But, if that’s your bag, then you’ll definitely dig it.

Jenn took a nice long swing of it and let loose with an “mmmmmmmmmmm.” I take that to mean she approved of it. In fact, afterward, I ended up making her anther one. And it’s a little potent, so be wary.

Very tropical. Totally a hanging-out-by-the-pool drink. Ladies…


— Mark

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