The Sapphire

July 4, 2010 (Day 155) — The Sapphire

It’s the Fourth of Juuullllyyyyyy (Sung to the tune of Bone Thugs N Harmony’s “First of the Month”). That means we all get loaded, then shoot off illegal fireworks!

Celebrate your nations independence by blowing up a small part of it! (My apologies to who I stole that from. I want to say it was The Simpsons. But I’m lazy. Ah well).

I’ll make this one short since I’m sure you’re eager to get out and start mixing booze with small explosives, as per the Declaration of the Bill of Rights. (Life, liberty, and the pursuit of false limbs).

Besides, I’m spending this July 4 sitting in a kiddie pool about sixteen sizes to small for me, sipping on the final drink of the red, white and blue extravaganza! My wife’s family, who happen to live in the country club neighborhood of their town, are informing me that I’m causing their property values to plummet the longer I stay in here.

And I say, we didn’t fight the commies in Tuscaloosa for our nation’s independence so I COULDN’T hang out in a kiddie pool shirtless while drinking brightly colored drinks. But enough about me. Let’s give Old Glory it’s third color.

The Sapphire

2 oz vodka

2 oz blue caracao

.5 oz simple syrup

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake until well mixed, then strain into a brightly-colored plastic glass. Cuts down on cuts, bruises and holes in the pool lining.

This is good, if not just a bit underwhelming. Great, great color but the flavor is very low key. Use a high-quality vodka with this drink, because you’re definitely going to be getting the vodka twinge going on if you don’t.

On a slightly more serious note, I’d just like to say I deeply love my country. We’re flawed, we’re divided… but it’s still the best place on earth to live. And thank God I still have the right to bitch about my time, place and government.

That being said, I’m having the hose turned on me, so I’m guessing that means it’s time to sign off!




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