Coconut Breeze (July 4 Cocktails, Part II)

July 3, 2010 (Day 154) — Coconut Breeze (July 4 Cocktails, Part II)

Only one more day until we celebrate the independence of this great, wonderful, flawed, yet amazing country we all home! In honor of our flag, those of us at Cocktails, 365 are making a colored cocktail for the three days leading up to Independence Day. Last night was the Pomegranate Martini. Tonight is a little something I came up with called the Coconut Breeze. And it’s our white drink, working towards the red, white and blue trifecta!

I’ll try to be a bit more detailed with the cocktail this evening than I was last night!

Since it’s summer and this weekend tends to be incredibly hot (not we we are actually. It’s been raining all day. Weird), something refreshing like coconut seemed to be the right thing to do. And as Jenn told me “It’s red, white and blue. Not red, clear and blue.”

Touché, honey. Touché.

And, since Jenn’s aunt isn’t much of a drinker, but loves when we come out so she can try out some different cocktails, I’ll make two version. The one I would drink, and the super-sweet foofy version she’ll drink. Depending on your taste for sweet, it’s up to you.

Coconut Breeze No. 1

2 oz coconut vodka

1 oz lime cordial

Tonic water for topping.

Build your drink in a rocks glass, stirring before you add the tonic. Top with tonic and sip. This is very crisp and refreshing. The higher-quality coconut vodka you use, the better results you’re going to have (of course). I like this because you get the sweetness of the coconut vodka and tonic water, with the sourness of the lime cordial. Nothing too overwhelming, just a very crisp summery drink.

Coconut Breeze No. 2

Here’s the version I made for Kim. I would call it the definition of a sugary foofy drink.

2 oz coconut vodka

1 oz lime cordial

1.5 oz simple syrup

Tonic water for topping. Repeat your earlier steps.

This one is much more candy-like. You have the same balance of tastes, but with the treacle sweetness of added sugar. To me, this version was much too sweet. For Kim, it was perfect. In fact, she wanted to add even more simple syrup. (After all, see her comment from last night’s cocktail).

My Take: Not too shabby, I’d say! Like I mentioned before, I tend to like the more sour drink. I feel like it’s a little more balanced. However, a great cocktail appeals to a large group of people, so always be willing to adjust. If Kim likes her a bit sweeter, I’m more than happy to adjust! THAT’S the secret to a great host.

Jenn’s Take: It’s the perfect drink to go with tacos! (We’re eating tacos tonight).

Kim’s Take: Ehhhhh, I’m not a big coconut fan.


— Mark

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