Mint Julep

May 2, 2010 (Day 92) — Mint Julep “Now, looking down from the press box, I pointed to the huge grassy meadow enclosed by the track. ‘That whole thing,’ I said, ‘will be jammed with people; fifty thousand or so, and most of them staggering drunk. It’s a fantastic scene — thousands of people fainting, […]

The Bar Napkin, featuring The Naked Martini

May 1, 2010 (Day 91) — The Naked Martini Therapist. Friend. Psychologist. Theologian. Entertainer. Scientist. Artist. Mixologist. The bartender. It’s a unique job. Few other occupations pit you with the elite of society and the downtrodden off the street. In one night you may handle someone who’s riding the high of their life, followed by […]