Pink Frost

May 12, 2010 (Day 102) — Pink Frost I seem to be making a lot of pink drinks lately. I don’t know if I’m tending to favor the foofy drinks because my wife has declared May “Jenn Month” (Mother’s Day, her birthday, our anniversary) or if I just feel bad making super strong cocktails that […]


May 11, 2010 (Day 101) — Sidecar Ahh, cognac. The fine sipping drink. Often preferred neat, there are still a number of excellent cocktails that use the dark and smokey liquor. One classic is the Sidecar. Simple. Basic. Easy. To really understand the basics of good cocktails, it’s always nice to take a look back […]

Long Island Iced Tea

May 10, 2010 (Day 100) — Long Island Iced Tea It’s Day 100 of Cocktails, 365! Do you realize what that means? That means that as of tonight’s post, I’ve hit the century mark when it comes to cocktails. And I’m nowhere near finished! Nowhere. Near. But, since it’s a Monday, and we’re right smack […]

Ginger Glow

May 9, 2010 (Day 99) — Ginger Glow Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful and amazing women out there. A special shout out to my mom, my wife and my mom-in-law. Without you I wouldn’t be here, my awesome stepson wouldn’t be as awesome as he is, and my wife wouldn’t be here to […]

The Bar Napkin, featuring the Stiletto Tar-tini

May 8, 2010 (Day 98) — Stiletto Tar-tini Week three, you’re up! No pushing, shoving or kicks to the back of the shins, you got that? You’ve waited for your turn, now you’re up. That’s right, it’s the third week of The Bar Napkin, where I feature one real member of the cocktail world to […]

Pink Rose

May 7, 2010 (Day 97) — Pink Rose It’s been a while since I’ve cracked open the “How to Mix Drinks” cocktail book. It lists bizarre drinks. It’s old and moldy. And by God, it knows how to shove a whole bunch of booze into a small drink. Ahhhh, dear old friend. What sort of […]

Key-Lime Martini

May 6, 2010 (Day 96) — Key-Lime Martini Well, Cinco de Mayo has come and gone. Cervezas have been drunk. Tequila has been slammed — or sipped if you have a really good one. Mexican food was downed and now we’re in the after-fiesta siesta shadow. But! Don’t rest on your laurels or anything. Why? […]

Cinco de Mayo (Part III)

May 5, 2010 (Day 95) — Vero Mangoma Feliz Cinco de Mayo, todos muchachos! It’s finally Cinco de Mayo! After two days gearing up with two classic Mexican cocktails, I decided to do something unorthodox. Tonight. For Cinco de Mayo. I’m making an original cocktail. My own take on the Paloma. Risky? Yes. Foolhardy? Definitely. […]

Cinco de Mayo (Part II)

May 4, 2010 (Day 94) — Paloma We’ll make this one short tonight. Should be fun, right? Tonight, we’re making a Paloma — another traditional Mexican drink to gear you up for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow. 2 oz tequila (1800 Reposado) 6 oz grapefruit soda 1/2 oz lime juice Salt for rimming. Rim a rocks […]

Cinco de Mayo (Part I)

May 3, 2010 (Day 93) — Margarita “Las armas nacionales se han cubierto de gloria.” (English: The national arms have been covered with glory) — Ignacio Zaragoza, 1862 And so, on May 5, 1862, did Mexican forces take victory of the French in the battle of Puebla. While not technically Mexico’s “Independence Day,” it is […]