Vodka Tonic

May 28, 2010 (Day 118) — Vodka Tonic

Ahh, the basics. Clean, cool and simple. There’s a reason they’re the classics. Our drunk forebears felt it was good enough for them, so why shouldn’t it be good for us? And, since tonight is the official kickoff of the long Memorial Day Weekend — and the unofficial start to summer — I won’t keep you tied up too long. Besides, it’s been one long week, and there’s a grill, two steaks and some pork chops calling my name.

The Vodka Tonic

2 oz vodka

Tonic (for topping)

1/4 of a fresh lime, squeezed

Build in a rocks glass filled with crushed ice. Stir.

I like to make mine particularly strong — shocking, I know. And the beauty of this drink is in the simplicity. Especially when you start introducing flavored vodkas. Specifically, this evening we’re enjoying a Pear Vodka Tonic.

What’s different? We’re using Absolut Pear vodka for our base. Minus the lime, of course. If you’re using a high quality, lightly-flavored vodka, the vodka tonic takes on a life of its own.

It’s almost like drinking an Italian soda. Considering it’s 95 degrees with no wind (which is unheard of of in my town), combined with the heat waves rolling off the grill, it’s perfect. I wouldn’t recommend using “heavy” flavored vodkas such as caramel, coffee, chocolate, etc. as they don’t go with the crispness of the tonic very well.

Have one on me tonight! And have a very safe Memorial Day weekend!


– Mark

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