May 23, 2010 (Day 113) — Absinthe

Just like The Green Fairy is another name for absinthe, it’s also a name for an absinthe-based cocktail. So it goes with this evening’s post: the Absinthe.

Busy day with meetings and doing some work for the theater, so I’ll make this a relatively brief post. Sorry for the shorter than normal posts. Every once in a while, real life ends up snowing me under. But, I’m dedicated to the project, especially since you people kick so much ass and keep reading.

Anywhoodle, the Absinthe:

1 oz absinthe

1 oz lime juice

3 oz water

1 dash Angostura bitters

Combine in a cocktail shaker, shake thoroughly and pour into an etched glass — if you happen to have one. It doesn’t really do much for the taste, but it totally gives the whole “pretension” thing that comes along with drinking absinthe. I’m looking at you, you goth bastards.  Why don’t you go listen to some Cure? Or Morrissey? Whiners.

But I digress! The Absinthe cocktail is very similar in nature to The Green Fairy. However, rather than using lemon juice and egg white, we’ve boosted the amount of water and taken out the egg. This tastes like a much more balanced cocktail than The Green Fairy. The lime compliments the absinthe a bit better better than the lemon, and the water breaks up the intensity of the absinthe.

It seems strangely fitting, actually, that I’m drinking this at a (somewhat) a late hour while working on music for a musical production. It all just kind of fits into the goofy-ass prima donna attitude that seems to come with absinthe drinkers. That pompousness aside, this really is a tasty drink.


— Mark

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