Chapel Hill

May 19, 2010 (Day 109) — Chapel Hill

Are you a sports fan? Heck yeah you are. How about college hoops? Kicks ass right? I mean, in my opinion there’s no way the NBA can even stack up to the awesomeness that is March Madness. The atmosphere, the tension and the school pride that comes out makes it one of the best times of the year. Especially when you consider it’s also during NHL season, so not only do I get my hockey, I get hoops. And when your team is the Kansas Jayhawks (Rock Chalk!) you know that you’re always going to be in for one hell of a ride. Even if it’s a nausea-inducing roller coaster like it was this season. It’s still great.

And it’s no understatement when I call myself a dyed-in-the-wool Jayhawk. As one of my many free t-shirt from the Lawrence Blood Bank says: Pump Blue, Bleed Crimson.

Well... Pump Blue. Bleed Crimson. Drink Booze.

So, those of you who pay attention to college hoops will understand in trepidation in making my cocktail this evening. After all… it is called the Chapel Hill. Yes. Chapel Hill. Powder Blue. Tarheels. Roy God-damned Williams. But, in the end it’s okay. Roy showed his support for his former team during the 2008 championship — which I do believe we won. So, we’re cool on that front. And I do kind of feel bad that you guys didn’t even make it into the NCAA tournament this year. Seriously, guys? NIT? We expect better of you. You’re North Carolina!

For the uninitiated, the University of North Carolina is located in Chapel Hill, NC. and is one of the NCAA Div. I powerhouses. And Roy Williams used to be KU’s coach. But now we’ve got the man himself — Bill Self.

Enough about college hoops though. This isn’t a sports blog.

(Stay tuned next year for my new blog: “Mark’s Incoherent Drunken Sports Ramblings”! Now accepting sponsors!)

Like this, but with more slurred words.

Sorry. I’m having some issues staying focused tonight. Let’s head to the drink before I completely lose track of what I’m talking about.

The Chapel Hill

2 oz bourbon

2 oz triple sec

1/2 half fresh squeezed lemon

Shake, pour. Simple enough! Garnish with a lemon twist if so desired, Mr. Fancy Pants.

If you’re a bourbon lover, you’re going to love this drink. If not, steer clear. The triple sec and bourbon have enough sweetness together that they can take some of the edge off the alcohol burn. And there’s just enough lemon in there to keep it from being sickly sweet. There’s also not enough to overpower the rest of the drink.

It’s shame: here’s another classic cocktail that deserves more respect than it tends to get.


— Mark

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