Strawberry Vojito

May 16, 2010 (Day 116) — Strawberry Vojito

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. A storm swept through this morning and laid a muggy blanket across town. I can’t mow, since the lawn’s wet, but the temps have warmed up enough that I can’t go out for a job in a hoodie.

And, we have another first at Cocktails, 365! We’ve had my stepson Kolin make a non-alcoholic drink or two. Now, my wife, Jenn, has put her foot into the mixology pool, and she’s swimming like a young Johnny Weismuler. We debated about a good drink to make for brunch. After skimming through all of our cocktail AND cookbooks, we decided to try something different. Originally, we were going to make a smashed mint pink lemonade. But after I had placed mint leaves in the bottom of a highball, Jenn started dumping in strawberries.

“Don’t put any lemonade in mine,” she said. “Just muddle the mint and strawberries in simple syrup.”

“And top with tonic and vodka,” I asked.

“Ooh! Yes!”

And so, the Strawberry Vojito was born!

15 mint leaves

4 strawberries, chopped

.25 oz simple syrup

2 oz vodka

Tonic water

There’s two ways you can prepare this. If you like booze berries like Jenn and I do, build this drink straight in the highball. If you don’t like bits in your drinks, build it in a cocktail shaker then strain.

Muddle the strawberries. If you built it in your highball, top with vodka and tonic, then stir. If you built it in a cocktail shaker, then you’ll need to shake everything with ice and the vodka. Then strain into your highball glass and top with tonic. Stir gently.

Very refreshing. Jenn did one hell of a nice job on this drink. The strawberries and mint are great together, and the vodka and tonic give it a bright, spring taste.


— Mark


  1. Yum! Sounds like a perfect summer treat!

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