Ginger Glow

May 9, 2010 (Day 99) — Ginger Glow

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful and amazing women out there. A special shout out to my mom, my wife and my mom-in-law. Without you I wouldn’t be here, my awesome stepson wouldn’t be as awesome as he is, and my wife wouldn’t be here to make my life pretty damn sweet.

In that vein, I won’t keep you away from the ladies in your life. We’ll keep this one short today.

The Ginger Glow

2 oz sweet tea vodka (Firefly)

Ginger ale

Build your drink in a highball glass. Pour in the vodka at the bottom, top with ginger ale and stir gently. Sip.

Decent enough. I wouldn’t call it phenomenal or anything, but it’s a good, reliable drink that’s easy to throw together in a pinch. It’s smooth, which means its easy to take down fast, so you’ll need to be watchful.

Happy Mother’s Day!

— Mark


  1. This looks very yummy!

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