The Bar Napkin, featuring the Stiletto Tar-tini

May 8, 2010 (Day 98) — Stiletto Tar-tini

Week three, you’re up! No pushing, shoving or kicks to the back of the shins, you got that? You’ve waited for your turn, now you’re up. That’s right, it’s the third week of The Bar Napkin, where I feature one real member of the cocktail world to talk about themselves, give a unique cocktail recipe and let us review it!

And no Canuck-a-phobe jokes either! This week’s featured subject hails from the great city of Toronto!

Meet Dee Brun.

Dee is a blogger, author, comedienne, bartender and general all-around Ball of Fabulous from the Great White North. She can be found on Twitter as @CocktailDeeva, on Facebook and on her official website. Or, if you’re able to track it down, be sure and pick up her book — “Libations of Life, A Girls Guide to Life One Cocktail at a Time.” (Hint: Amazon has it).

Tonight, we talk to Dee about one of her signature drinks — The Stiletto Tar-tini.

Cocktails, 365: How did you first get into cocktails/entertaining?

Dee: I was a bartender from the time I turned 18 all through University and managed a restaurant for 5 years before heading out into the big bad corporate world. I worked for 2 fortune 500 companies, wearing a suit and being all “important”, or so people told me. I quit the whole board room gig when I fell in love and moved my life to a new city. There I decided to write up a fun little book of all my cocktail recipes and added some witty (or so people tell me) quips about dating, dieting and relationships. With some good Karma and having a friend who knew people, my first book, Libations of Life, A Girls Guide to Life One Cocktail at a Time was born. Since then I been riding this crazy cocktail ride and lovin every minute of it. How can you not, I am not saving the world…but I am sure making it a lot prettier…after a few libations that is.

Cocktails, 365: You describe yourself on your website as a “cocktail stylist.” What is that?

Dee: A cocktail stylist is like a food stylist only for libations. I style cocktails for photo shoots for web sites and magazines so they look mouthwatering and picture perfect. Yes even cocktails are high maintenance and need a stylist!

Cocktails, 365: Any current projects?

Dee: I’m currently working on book number two and writing for lots of great magazines, blogs and news sources. Also doing lot’s of public and television appearances, always a good time. I am always working on my live show, it is really stand up, with cocktails on the side. I am a regular celebrity Cocktail’ista at The National Home Show in Toronto. However, being George Clooney’s girl friend is quite time consuming so I squeeze in as much cocktail time as I can.

Cocktails, 365: Tell us about tonight’s drink, the Stiletto Tar-tini.

Dee: I came up with it after tasting X-Rated Fusion for the first time… I was at a launch party, wearing  great shoes of course…and said (about X-Rated) “That is was so good, it would knock you off your stilettos.” It is named after my favorite style of shoe…of course..Because it’s all about a great cocktail and a killer pair of shoes!

The Stiletto Tar-tini

1 oz vodka

1 oz X-Rated Liqueur

1/2 oz pineapple juice

2 oz pink lemonade

2 oz white grape juice

6 or 7 fresh raspberries

Muddle the raspberries with vodka and X-Rated, then add to a cocktail shaker full of ice filled with the juices. Shake well, garnish with fresh raspberries and serve… wearing a fabulous pair of heels.

Dee’s Take: I have served it up at many events and the reaction is always the same…”This is soooo amazing! How do I make this?”…It is fruity and the flavors are full in your mouth, but it is not overly sweet. You can also control the sweetness depending on how much lemonade you use. It is a total girly drink, Fabulous and PINK!

Cocktails, 365’s Take: This is very, very good. The fruitiness is subdued and mix well together. Based on personal taste, you may want to add some more liquor to this. The recipe that Dee gave was able to fill two somewhat large martini glasses. This is definitely a crowd pleaser. However, Jenn and I both like a bit of a bite to our drinks, so the only thing we changed up was the addition of 1 oz more vodka. But, if you like a mellow, girly drink that you can have several of, don’t change a thing. Kudos to Dee for making an excellent drink!

• • • • •

Again, a very sincere thanks to Dee for taking the time out of very busy schedule to answer some questions for the blog. Don’t forget that Dee — or CocktailDeeva — can be found @CocktailDeeva, on Facebook and on her official website


— Mark


  1. It was my pleasure and thank you for writing up such a FABULOUS post about moi….I love being called an “all around ball of FABULOUS”…made me blush…

    And I could not approve of your addition to my cocktail more…everything IS better with an extra shot of Vodka…!!!

    Thanks again, it was a pleasure to answer your question and I so enjoy reading your blog…

    Cheers to Fabulous!!


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