Key-Lime Martini

May 6, 2010 (Day 96) — Key-Lime Martini

Well, Cinco de Mayo has come and gone. Cervezas have been drunk. Tequila has been slammed — or sipped if you have a really good one. Mexican food was downed and now we’re in the after-fiesta siesta shadow.

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But! Don’t rest on your laurels or anything. Why? Well, because today is the official kick off of World Cocktail Week. Why does the world need a cocktail week? My question to you is: Why isn’t it World Cocktail Week EVERY week?

And, they've got a freakin' medal for it!

According to The Museum of the American Cocktail:

“World Cocktail Week® was established to promote better understanding and appreciation of the art of the cocktail and its history, and responsible drinking. The date commemorates the first definition of the term Cocktail in print in the 1806 edition of The Balance and Columbian Repository. The WCW fundraiser also raises much needed revenue to help pay for museum operating costs throughout the year and for our mixology series.”

Sounds good enough for me! If you want to know if there’s an “official” celebration near you, check out the venues list. Closest place to me is Chi-Town, and even that’s not exactly a short trip. So, we’ll just be hosting our own little underground “pirate” celebration. All. Week. Long.

And tonight, because we’re topping the 80s and heading into the 90s temp wise, let’s get something to cool off with.

The Key Lime Martini

2 oz vanilla vodka

2 oz pineapple juice

2 tablespoons cream of coconut

2 key limes, squeezed

Do you like key lime pie? Then you’ll love this cocktail. It’s about as close of an approximation as you can get, without drinking the pie filling itself. At first blush, Jenn wasn’t too fond of it, considering it’s close to key lime pie, of which she’s not much of a fan. But, it quickly grew on her.

If you’ve got the extra time, stick them into the freezer for a good 15 minutes or so to let them solidify a bit. It a great treat for those warm evenings.


— Mark


  1. Try rimming the glass with crushed graham crackers. YUM

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