Back to Basics

April 21, 2010 (Day 81) — Torched Cherry and Cola I was so damn impressed with the last drink I made with the new Bacardi Torched Cherry that I figured it was about time I made something else. And I’m a bit swamped tonight, so I figured we could head back to the basics, and […]


April 20, 2010 (Day 80) — Bicyclette To me, the Campari brand is something that embodies class. Prestige. It’s not a liquor you often see simply sitting behind the bar at your local dive (which have their own awesome array of boozes, mind you). But, when I hear Campari mentioned, I think of a piano […]

Cinnamon Fly

April 19, 2010 (Day 79) — Cinnamon Fly I was so darn impressed with the sweet tea vodka last time that I decided to try another one of their recommended cocktails. It’s not as warm out tonight as it was Saturday, but it’s still a beautiful night for grilling! There’s a storm on the horizon, and there […]

Shark Bite

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April 18, 2010 (Day 78) — Shark Bite (Note: I apologize for Saturday night’s post not going live yet. I had motorcycle training yesterday and today. By the time I got home last night, I was too exhausted to post anything. It will be up tomorrow with Monday’s. But for for now: Sunday!) And so […]

Y’All Want Some Sweet Tea Vodka?

Yeah! Like that!

April 17, 2010 (Day 77) — Fuzzy Fly Ice tea is a must have at my wife’s family’s gatherings. While I’m sure this makes us wholly un-unique in the grand scheme of things, it still surprised me how much iced tea that family goes through. Pitchers upon pitchers upon pitchers of the stuff. So much […]


April 16, 2010 (Day 76) — Bacardi Torched Cherry Test/Bonfire A week or two ago, Bacardi sent a message cross it’s Twitter count. The announcement was enough to send me — a certified booze nerd — into conniptions. A new flavor was on the way! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! I chortled in my joy. […]

Metapost: Upgrades

First, I want to offer a very sincere thanks to everyone who’s been reading Cocktails, 365. I started this project in February of this year as kind of way to indulge my love of writing and my love of cocktails. Where I started with an average of 15 to 30 hits a day, I’m now […]

Brand-Name Drinks Part I

April 15, 2010 (Day 75) — Ginger Gale Truth be told, I tend to be wary of assigning specific brands to cocktails. My general fear is that someone reading this blog — or even more likely, someone who has never read this blog but still wants to make cocktails — becomes wed to a certain […]

Jenn’s Chocolate Martini

April 14, 2010 (Day 74) — Jenn’s Chocolate Martini There are countless recipes for chocolate martinis out there. They range from simple to mind-numbingly complex. Delicious to utter crap. I’ve made a lot of chocolate martinis since I first started my career as amateur bartender. And yet, one of the first chocolate martinis that I […]

MetaPost: New Links!

Interested in some great cocktail/food blogs? Take a look on the lower lefthand side of my page and take a look at my links. These are great people. Cheers! — Mark