X-Rated Flirtini

April 30, 2010 (Day 90) — X-Rated Flirtini

It’s Friday! The end of the week. A day to relax with friends and/or family. Enjoy a nice, cool, finely crafted drink. Maybe go out. Maybe stay in and make a delicious home-cooked meal. We tend to look forward to Friday’s in our house, mainly because it’s the night Jenn and I tend to make some sort of meal that takes a ridiculous amount of time.

And, of course, drink.

Tonight’s featured cocktail is a slightly altered version of X-Rated Liqueur’s X-Rated Flirtini. Now, this is most certainly a foofy drink — I mean, just take alook at the bottled of X-Rated.

It’s a lovely hot pink color. It should appeal to the Sex and the City lady in your life. Or guy, I suppose. I’ve never been one to judge. Unless you count my very brief stint of Canadian Idol.

Ahhh... to relive those heady days listening to shitty pop music.

But, I digress. This drink has quickly become one of Jenn’s favorite before-dinner cocktails. It’s mixture of sweetness and tartness is well-balanced. I’ll even cop to liking one on every once in a while. The lemon juice and triple sec add the citrus flavor while the cranberry juice’s natural bitterness tempers the Rated-X sweetness. You can find the original recipe here if you’d rather try than before you make our tweaked version.

X-Rated Flirtini:

2 oz X-Rated Fusion Liqueur (this is brand specific)

2 oz vodka (Cîroc. Not brand specific)

1/2 oz triple sec

1/2 oz cranberry juice

1/2 lemon

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Squeeze the lemon over the top of the ice, set the lemon wedge aside to rim the glass later. Fill the shaker with your X-Rated, vodka, cranberry juice and triple sec. Shake thoroughly, until the shaker is almost too cold to touch.

Take a chilled martini glass, rub the lemon around the rim of the glass, then place in a shallow dish filled with sugar to rim the edge of the glass.

Pour your drink into the glass. Garnish with a lemon twist, if you’re so inclined.

Nothing quite like a hot pink drink for a Friday night, no? The taste reminds me of a drink we had in Portland called the Rose Drop. We happened to be there during the Rose Festival and it was one of the bar’s featured drinks. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what all was in the Rose Drop, other than rose water. Which I don’t really have access to outside the Interwebs. This reminds me of that drink, however. Tart, but delicate.

Have a Happy Friday, everyone!


— Mark

P.S. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night for interview with Josh Davis — i.e. Mr. Mixology — where we make one of his signature drinks, then ask a bunch of nosy questions about how he came up with it!


  1. […] could easily get away with sipping a Naked Martini during a guys night out. Try doing that with an X-Rated Flirtini. Kudos to Josh. This is one hell of a drink. And, I think, it’s got me hooked on […]

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